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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatimaabout 2 months ago
Gunshot Wound Mortality vs Distance From Trauma Center

Gunshot Wound Mortality vs Distance From Trauma Center

Gun violence is one of the biggest problems faced by both developed and under-developed countries equally. Access to firearms results in increased risk of violence; the number of deaths as a result of such violence is staggering. The mortality as a consequence of firearm ferocity is multifactorial: it depends on hemorrhage, extent of organ damage, infections, and fractures. Prompt transfer of the victim to nearby trauma center may reduce morbidity and mortality. One study correlated firearm injury with the distance from level 1 trauma center. It was revealed that increased drive-time to trauma center increased likelihood of death. The distance from trauma center serves an as independent factor which determines the prognosis of the victim. With the advent of modern, more efficient techniques and improvement in trauma care, the firearm mortality is drastically decreased, however, the prerequisite is to immediately transfer the victim to trauma center. Source: Trauma Center Drive Time Distances and Fatal Outcomes among Gunshot Wound Victims (Image taken from

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