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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatima4 months ago
What's Burning in the ER?

What's Burning in the ER?

Emergency Medicine is an extremely demanding field, leading to severe burnout of emergency medicine residents. A survey by American Medical Association (AMA) revealed that 45% of the emergency medicine residents face severe burnout, a number much higher than a general physician. This is attributed to multiple factors. Most of the residents blamed it on unmanageable work hours, inadequate compensation, and poor relation with colleagues. This burnout and stress are so severe that few emergency residents seriously considered leaving this field, as reported by a research, midway in their careers. Identification of those at risk by proper screening may help minimize the burnt-out phase by timely intervention. For this purpose, however, a standardized screening method should be devised. Improving the facilities provided to residents, allocating more practical working hours and stress management workshops might help prevent such state. Sources: - Berg S. Physician burnout: It’s not you, it’s your medical specialty [Internet]. American Medical Association. 2020 [cited 2 November 2020]. Available from: - Goyal D, Dyrbye L, Shanafelt T. Screening for Burnout in Emergency Medicine Residents: Now What?. AEM Education and Training. 2017;1(2):79-80.

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