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Medshotsalmost 2 years ago

Here is a case of a condition called cardiac tamponade. This picture displays one of the classical signs seen in it, can you guess what is it? - Cardiac tamponade is a serious medical condition in which blood or fluids fill the space between the sac that encases the heart and the heart muscle. This places extreme pressure on your heart. The pressure prevents the heart's ventricles from expanding fully and keeps your heart from functioning properly. - Mention your friends to see this shot Follow us @medshots to explore more! - Credits: unknown

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almost 2 years ago

Jugular vein distention

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almost 2 years ago

Raised jugular venous pressure main sign.

almost 2 years ago

Beck's triad 1-Distan heart sound. 2-Jugular vein dilatation. 3-Shock.

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