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Nimra almost 3 years ago

What to do for depression and anxiety?

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almost 3 years ago

Both hinder you, so the best course of action is to seek clinical help. You can’t just β€œcure” that

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almost 3 years ago

Socialize with ppl 😁

almost 3 years ago

Keep from being isolated

almost 3 years ago

And seek physchotherapy

almost 3 years ago

Get involved in healthy activities like playing sports , watching games , sitting with the family and friends that make you feel better , working hard and achieving something which will give you a sense of self respect . Simply , the more busy you are in healthier activities ,the more healthy you are . Also, don't forget to meditate and exercise.

over 2 years ago

Get a therapist and a psychiatrist. Therapy to get to the root of the symptoms and psychiatry just in case you need to be on short term or long term medications.