Mauricette Janvier
Mauricette Janvier
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a 13-year-old child is hospitalized in the pediatric department for abdominal pain. In the antecedent he had been operated on and treated for a muscular tumor in the thigh and a CNS tumor the ultrasound and the scanner shows that he has a mass at the level of the liver the doctors think it is either of the muscular connection previously operated either from the operated CNS tumor. A sample is taken by a surgeon and the sample is taken to the cytology and pathological anatomy laboratory. You are responsible for this laboratory 1-How are you going to proceed to get a smear from this sample? 2- what coloring will you use and according to which method it 3-Which method will you use to clarify the origin of the liver tumor since your lab is equipped with a set of anti-filament intermediate antibodies In what condition will you consider and conclude that the tumor is of muscular origin?

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