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MRI Technologist
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The new Siemens 3T Vida has many new features. There’s a new streamline with new hardware and software. A few features mentioned here: - 20ch head neck coil is now available to tilt in multiple angles. - 18ch small/large flex which are really flexible, and the interface adapter is no longer used. Directly connect the contact to the table. - 18ch knee coil which has more space than before. - 18ch shoulder coil which is one size fits all, no longer small/large shoulder coil. - New monitor 2x 24-inch screen compared to what we are used with 19-inch. With two of those monitors, you will have a better flexibility to do reconstructions/protocol optimization etc.. which give efficient workflow. - New software which is called Syngo MR XA10, no longer E11 software. #MRI

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