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Hammad Hassan
Hammad Hassanabout 2 months ago

In polycythemia Vera, Uric acid increase ,decrease or remain normal ?with explaination

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Increase. As in tumor lysis syndrome, there is an increased rate of cell turnover releasing large amount of purines of DNA which is transformed into uric acid by a reaction catalyzed by xanthine oxidase in the liver leading to hyperuricemia. Purine 》hypoxanthine 》xanthine》uric acid.

Immature RBCs have nuclei.

Polycythemia vera (PV) is a stem cell disorder characterized as a panhyperplastic, malignant, and neoplastic marrow disorder. Its most prominent feature is an elevated absolute red blood cell mass because of uncontrolled red blood cell production. This is accompanied by increased white blood cell (myeloid) and platelet (megakaryocytic) production, which is due to an abnormal clone of the hematopoietic stem cells with increased sensitivity to the different growth factors for maturation. 

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Simple In polycythemia Vera More RBCs - More Breakdown - Protein content of RBCs get metabolizied

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