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Kamran khan
Kamran khanover 1 year ago

I have a friend. He feels that he has mild depression, though first he denied it but now he realizes that he has this problem. I would tell his story. He had this habit of masturbating from a very small age like when he was only 11 years old. Since then he has this problem which became severe. After masturbation he would feel guilty, socially none interested and low confident.he has also a problem of over sleeping from the age of 19 up till now. He is 26 years old now. His father died in 2003 when he was only 8 years old. From the beginning, he was silent and non-friendly. He got into a cadet college when he was 12 years old in class 7th. He was good in studies and used to get position in his class. Suddenly he lost interest in the studies when he was in the class but when the exams were close, he would study and get a position. He got into a medical college. There he had no interest in classes as he would be awake to watch porn and masturbate one time, two time or even three times a night. He would feel lack of energy and low confidence.meanwhile he would study only when the exams were close. He used to pass every single paper and overall percentage would be 68 percent. So there would be no tension related to papers After graduation, same routine would be in internship.but it was improved as he would go for duties. Sometim3s he would miss duti3s ad he would mastruabte and feel lack of energy and confidmece to face the colleagues or people. Now his internship is finished and he is home now, he has some domestic problem as he live in combined family system. As he is free now, he awake whole n8ght as his time schedule is disturbed. He feels lack of energy, low self confidence, guilt, low self esteem, low concentration, low mood,mild irritable mood, want to be alone, NO suicidal thoughts ever, over thoughts regarding things, difficult to start study as his exam is in august. He even delayed exam in may as he has these problem and haven't started study even he wants to start it. Kindly help him regarding the issue.

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