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Medicaltalks 10 months ago
Intraoperative closeup of a parotidectomy in process! 
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Intraoperative closeup of a parotidectomy in process! 

This photo shows the resection of a so-called Warthin tumor (or papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum), which is a benign cystic and sharply demarcated tumor of the parotid gland consisting of both epithelial and lymphoid elements with cystic spaces separating the lobules of the neoplastic epithelium. It typically occurs in elderly and is the 2nd most common (up to 10% of all parotid tumours) benign parotid tumors, after pleomorphic adenoma.It is associated with irradiation and smoking and has the greatest tendency to undergo cystic changes than any other salivary gland tumor. They are benign, encapsulated, lobulated, and may be even fixed to the overlying skin, but with extremely low incidence of malignant transformation, thus a surgical excision is the gold standard treatment. The facial nerve, which controls motion to the face such as closing the eyes, wrinkling the nose, and moving the lips, has a relation with the parotid gland as it passes right through the gland (but does not innervate it), thus the resection of the tumor should be done with a great caution for the preservation of the nerve along with its five main branches.

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